When Did You Marry?

I was 23 years old when I married. I married in early age because my mom wanted to see my marriage; she was ill; she was rectum cancer and she knew that she was going to die! So I married when I finished my university to make my mom happy!

I was also happy because I married the girl who I already loved. She was loving me also. We married in a date which is easy to remember: 11.11.11 :) Now we have a 4 years old son. Nowadays we are thinking about the second child.

I saw a graphic which shows the average ages of the women of Europe when they make their first marriage. You can see from that graphic that the Scandinavian women are waiting their 30s to find the true men! It is also same for the countries which are in West side of Europe. But when you come to the Balkans the first marriage age is getting under 30s.

In my country, Turkey, it is approximately 24,7 for women according to this graphic. I think it is about 26-27 for men.What about you and your country? Are you married? If you are married how old was you when you married? Please comment below!

PS: Sorry for my mistakes in grammer. I am not using English more than 5 years. So I am starting to forget it. I opened this blog to keep it alive! Thanks for reading and comments!

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  1. Interesting map, I was 29 but felt that was old.

    1. According me 29 is old, too. Thanks for yur comment!

  2. I married my high school,sweetheart when I was 21 right after I graduated from college. That was on January 22, 1966 so you can see we just celebrated our 53rd anniversary. Now in the US young people are not in a hurry to get married young.