February 2019

Saturday, February 23, 2019

Are You a Quoran?

Yes I am a Quoran for years. I like reading answers there and sometimes I am answering questions which are suitable for me. Quora is a place that you can ask and answer anything you want in person or anonymously. If you are a Quoran like me please follow me there. 

As you can see from above photo that I've answered 70 questions on Quora and asked only 10 questions. The answers which I wrote get 47.4k views. I am following 679 people there but only 105 people are following me. So please follow me on Quora!

I want to share with you my 3 answers which are taken more viewers:

Number 3:

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Number 2:

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Number 1:

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Saturday, February 16, 2019

"Did It Go To Your Difficult?"

I am going to share with you an image. It is a caption. There is a comment in English and I want you to get what that man wanted to mean!
I know that my English is not good enough however at least I know that you can not translate Turkish to English word by word. This is what Cem BAŞLEVENT did. As you can see above he replied one of the tweets of Reuters Top News and wrote "Did it go to your difficult?" What do you think about what he wanted to say?
"zoruna gitmek" in Tureng.com

There is a Turkish proverb "zoruna gitmek" which means "to feel offended". If we translate them word by word, let's see what will be it's meaning:

"Zor" means "difficult"; "(senin) zorun" means "your difficult"; "zoruna" means "to your difficult"
"Gitmek" means "to go"

Now let's make a question with them in Turkish: "Zoruna mı gitti?" which means "Are you feel offended?" That's what Cem wanted to write to Reuters in that tweet. :)

It is a shame for us that we don't know well our main language, too. We are so lazy about learning it well. I have a Twitter account which shows the mistakes that we did in our Turkish language! There are tons of materials to share in that topic!

When it comes to Reuters's news; yes our government started to sells vegetables. They are going to be cheaper than the citizens' stalls.

Do you have "government vegetable stalls" also in your country? Are there people in a row to buy from them? What do you think about "government stalls"?

There is another proverb "gücüne gitmek". It has same meaning with "zoruna gitmek" but "güç" literally means "power" in English. I want to share you a cartoon about this.

Go to power? Did it go to your power? Did it go to your difficult? :)

Thursday, February 07, 2019

What About Your Quality of Life?

I came across a post in LinkedIn (If you are using LinkedIn please add me) which shows the quality of life according to the countries. I searched for my country Turkey and found it in 46th place. I want to share it with you also.

Top 15 countries are like this:

1. Canada 2. Denmark 3. Sweden 4. Norway 5. Australia 6. Switzerland 7. Finland 8. Netherlands 9. New Zealand 10. Germany 11. Austria 12. Luxembourg 13. UK 14. Japan 15. Ireland

Are you living in one of from above countries? How quality is your life? What is the "quality" of life according to you? Does it means "money", "luxury", "safety",  "serenity" or what?

This index made by Spectator Index. They mentioned below that they created this ranking according to US News. What do you think about this index? Is it true or false? Which country are you living in? Did you find your country here?

As I said above I am from Turkey. We are in a difficult situation nowadays. Our money losing its' value according to Euro and USD. There is a big inflation. 1 person from 5 is unemployed. Interest rates are so high and no one knows what will happen after election. Yes there is a local election at the end of March. Everyone is living on one's nerve! No one is smiling.

What about your country? Please comment about yourself and your country regarding this issue!