Did It Go To Your Difficult?

I am going to share with you an image. It is a caption. There is a comment in English and I want you to get what that man wanted to mean!
I know that my English is not good enough however at least I know that you can not translate Turkish to English word by word. This is what Cem BAŞLEVENT did. As you can see above he replied one of the tweets of Reuters Top News and wrote "Did it go to your difficult?" What do you think about what he wanted to say?
"zoruna gitmek" in Tureng.com

There is a Turkish proverb "zoruna gitmek" which means "to feel offended". If we translate them word by word, let's see what will be it's meaning:

"Zor" means "difficult"; "(senin) zorun" means "your difficult"; "zoruna" means "to your difficult"
"Gitmek" means "to go"

Now let's make a question with them in Turkish: "Zoruna mı gitti?" which means "Are you feel offended?" That's what Cem wanted to write to Reuters in that tweet. :)

It is a shame for us that we don't know well our main language, too. We are so lazy about learning it well. I have a Twitter account which shows the mistakes that we did in our Turkish language! There are tons of materials to share in that topic!

When it comes to Reuters's news; yes our government started to sells vegetables. They are going to be cheaper than the citizens' stalls.

Do you have "government vegetable stalls" also in your country? Are there people in a row to buy from them? What do you think about "government stalls"?

There is another proverb "gücüne gitmek". It has same meaning with "zoruna gitmek" but "güç" literally means "power" in English. I want to share you a cartoon about this.

Go to power? Did it go to your power? Did it go to your difficult? :)

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  1. The state should not deal with these things.
    My state was forced to deal with these things.
    You ask why?
    Other countries came into space.
    We are dealing with tomato pepper.
    I am really sorry.

    (Devlet bu işlerle uğraşmamalı.
    Benim devletimin bu işler ile uğraşması "zoruma gitti"...
    Neden mi?
    Diğer ülkeler uzaya çıktı.
    Biz ise domates biber ile uğraşıyoruz.
    Gerçekten üzgünüm.)

  2. Translation is complicated! Thanks for commenting on my blog. I do take the photos on my blog.

    1. I am going to visit your comments sometimes. Thanks for stopping by!

  3. It doesn't make sense what he is saying.

    1. I dunno why but when you leave a comment on my blog, I don’t receive any mail. However when the others leave a comment, I received it. Do you know why it is like this?

  4. He meant, 'Is it bothering you?' right?
    I see this happen very often. When people don't think in the language they are about to write in, they often indulge in literal translations.

    1. Yes Nambiar he wanted to say “Are you feel offended?”

      Thanks for the comment.

  5. Oh yes translation is almost confusing to me! Maybe the government selling vegetables will be a great thing.....

    1. I don't think that it is a good thing.

      Thanks for commenting Kim!

  6. Well, I wouldn't trust the current UK government to sell vegetables! Goodness only knows what people would actually end up eating!
    I do sympathise with translation problems though. I know a little of a few languages and it's easy to get confused

    1. The problem is here that he doesn't even know his own language very well. :)

  7. Yes, I agree that we can't translate "word by word" from one language to others, especially translation by google machine

    1. Google machine is better than this word by word translation. :)