"Is Turkey Safe to Visit?"

The title which I wrote and you read for this post is a question on Quora. "Is Turkey safe to visit?"

I gave a short answer for this question on Quora:

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People are asking this question thinking that there are terror attacks every corner of the country. Nowadays there is no terrorism neither in Turkey nor near Turkey like Syria or Iran. I think they are all get waited for the elections of Turkey. 5 days later we are going to elect our new local mayors however all of the political parties acting like this is a general election. According to me all of the terrorist groups which have different names and abbrevations are controlled by same countries. PKK, YPG, ISIS are all the same shit for me.

As you know 10 days ago there happened an attack to the muslim people who are performing their salah in mosques in New Zealand. There are 50 dead and 50 wounded people. There was not any terror problem in New Zealand normally however one man broke this rule! So I want to say that in this global world unfortunately terrosim is in everywhere! Turkey is safe to visit as New Zealand, USA, France, Switzerland or any country in the world is.
love will win
This will not divide us!

This New Zealand attack has united us; has united the Muslims and the others. If the attackers has seen this result they are very upset with the result I think. They wanted to make a chaos however on the contrary all over the world has united again.

Is your country safe to visit? What do you think about New Zealand mosque attacks? 

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  1. Canada should be safe but things happen everywhere these days. Thanks for trying the puzzle today, the puzzle answer is 72, there are 4 sets of 18 pencils, may help to count the erasers. Thanks for trying!

    1. What was my answer? I think I was close to the correct answer. :)

  2. Some of my friends have visited and returned safely.

    1. In 2018, 39.488.401 foreign people had visited Turkey according to TUROB (Hotel Association of Turkey). It was a 21,84% increase by comparison 2017.

      So, Turkey is still a safe place to visit!

  3. thank you for talking about Turkey safety. I should visit Ankara one day.
    Have a great day

  4. My country? yes, it's very safe and beautiful place to visit. Plenty of friendly faces . But need to be careful of your belongings

  5. Unfortunately, there are some bad people everywhere. We all have to be untied against those kind.

    1. You are so right Binky. Thanks for the visit and comment!