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What do you think about Instagram, Twitter and Facebook? When they first appeared every blogger said that "They are going to kill our blogs!" however nowadays I am seeing that every blogger uses these social media accounts for promoting their blogs. I can not manage these accounts integrated with my blog however I like to share anything with my friends / followers.

Nowadays I opened a new Instagram account that is @sizdengeldi (Sizden Geldi means "Received (Came) From You" in Turkish.) I am sharing funny photos and videos, news, new technologies, sports there. If I gain more followers around the world, I am going to mention in English also. Humour doesn't need any language I think. It is a universal language!

Are you using Instagram? If yes, please follow me and I am going to follow you also! Please comment your Instagram name so I can follow you. The last post which I shared on Instagram:

I have also Twitter and Facebook page with the same name. So you can follow me from there also! I am going to put some posts from those accounts to let you follow easily from here.

And now Facebook page:

Happy Saturday! Waiting for your links of Instagram, Facebook Page and Twitter to follow! 

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  1. ...What do I think about Instagram, Twitter and Facebook? They aren't for me, perhaps for a young fellow like you!

    1. Why do you think like this? They are for everyone...

  2. We have our social media accounts at the top of our blog. I really like the one you postd about things we don’t know what they are for!

  3. I am not an active user of Instagram.

  4. Social media environments are pleasant but should not be used very often, sometimes I think a break should be given.

    1. Yes you are so right! I gave a break now because my phone is not working properly!

  5. I use all platforms and I love IG I am following you @photosbycris Have a lovely weekend xoxo Cris

  6. I don't have Instagram and twitter....
    Nice videos