Are You Using Pinterest?

As you know Pinterest is an another social media where you can pin new medias like images, videos, gifs. You can also add the links with these images. 

I am also active user of Pinterest. I have 4809 followers there right now. I am following everyone who followed me. I know some of them are not real users and some of them take back their following after I follow them however it is not a problem for me. It is their problem. 

I have 36 boards on Pinterest. I am sharing funny things, DIY, blog posts, cartoons, English and Italian lessons, etc... There are too many bloggers who claim that Pinterest is their number one source of visitors however I don't think like so. I didn't get too much traffic from there. 

What about you? Are you using Pinterest? Could you get enough visitors from there? If you are using Pinterest please follow me there. My Pinterest is here

I want to get in touch with more blogger friends. Is there any way can you advice for me? Are there any Facebook groups, Twitter lists?

I am waiting for your kind comments. Thanks in advance. Today is Friday. Last day of the week; so the last day of the work. I am so happy. Friday is also the holy day of Muslims. I wish we couldn't work in Fridays because of its' holines in Islam

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  1. awesome article..
    thanks for sharing and have a nice day

  2. ...I enjoy many of the ideas that come to my email.

  3. I used to use Pinterest a lot but not anymore. So hard to keep up with all the social media stuff!

    1. You are so right! There are too many social media stuff to follow...

  4. I have a difficult time keeping up on Pinterest but I did follow you!

  5. I'm not on Pinterest ReHitu, or Twitter etc. Only Facebook, which I really don't like and the blog ✨

  6. Very good article
    Thank you editör

  7. no, not planning to...
    Thank you for sharing info...

  8. I'm sorry, I don't have pinterest account :)

    Have a wonderful day!

  9. I just found your Pinterest and followed :-)
    This is mine:

  10. I am using pinterest but I am not following everyone back. Some of those accounts are spam and they damage our account audiences.

    1. Yes you are right there are too many spam accounts on Pinterest. I don't know how can I unfollow them easily. :(

  11. I am a huge lover of Pinterest! I will follow you soon there :-)