Are You Faster?

Last week I heard a news that there was a competition in Cagliari, Italy that the people around the world was there to be the fastest keyboard user of the world. This competition was held by INTERSTENO (International Federation for Information and Communication Processing) in 13 - 19 July

Turkish team also was there and they won 10 medals: 3 of them gold, 3 of them silver and 4 of them is bronze

The fastest keyboard user of the world is also a Turkish man, Celal AŞKIN, who wrote 805,2 characters per minute. You can see the others on below list:

I saw some videos of him and he is really fast in this job. I can not write like him. Please watch this and drop your comment below. 

When I saw these news and videos I wanted to try my speedness. I found a website and started to write what I saw. Here is the result:

Yes you saw my result. Are you faster than me? Then please go to and share your result. I want to add that I made this test in English, not in my native language Turkish. Waiting for your results. :)

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  1. None of us here are very fast on the keyboard at all. The winner was very impressive!

    1. Yes he is very fast. I wish I could write like him. :)

  2. ...I type with about four fingers,

  3. Wow I would definitely lose in this competition lol xoxo Cris

  4. I just type with two fingers only....

  5. The winners are incredible!

    Well... Here is my result...

    57 WPM
    (words per minute)
    Top 20 %
    Keystrokes (283 | 0) 283
    Accuracy 96.92%
    Correct words 54
    Wrong words

    1. Woow you beated me! Congrats @Kedi Mırıltısı!

  6. I'm a seriously quick typer so this all sounds right up my street haha! x

    Grace Louise ||