Are You Watching Turkish Dramas?

3 days ago I saw news that some members of a Facebook group came to Turkey to visit and to see the places where Turkish dramas are being filmed. The name of the group was also mentioned in that news. So I also wanted to join that group. The name of the group is Turkish Dramas Appreciation Group (TDAG).

Normally I am not watching dramas or films however I am taking a glance at them sometimes while my wife is watching. As far as I know our Turkish dramas are so long contrary to the foreign TV series. There is 1 hour long summary before the next episode. It is taking your whole night.

I also want to mention that those Turkish dramas are not reflecting Turkish culture. Most of them contrarian to Turkish culture and Islam. They are also triggering the violence to women and children. 

Some of Turkish dramas are showing up like they are the best of the dramas however 3 episodes later you can not see them. There are plenty of dramas which are going on 2 or 3 seasons or more. As far as I know Anne, Yasak Elma, Arka Sokaklar, Çukur are the successful ones.

What about you? Are you watching Turkish dramas? If you are watching which one is your favourite? Who is your favourite actor and actress?

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  1. We haven't seen any Turkish dramas yet, we'll have to see if any are on Netflix over here.

    1. I don't have Netflix account so I don't know if there are Turkish dramas on Netflix or not.

  2. Unfortunately I have not seen any Turkish serial. I should see!
    Happy new week!

    1. Thanks for stopping by Nadezda! Yes you should see any Turkish serial! :)

  3. according to değil contrary to olacak.
    ı saw a news olmaz ı saw news olacak.
    ı want to also mention olmaz, ı also want to mention olacak.
    most of them contrarian to olmaz, most of them are opposite of.., olcak. veya belki most of them are contrary to da olabilir ama bu ikinci tercih.
    they are also trigger olmaz, they also trigger olacak.
    you can not see them olmaz you can not watch olacak.

  4. I haven't seen any either! I will have to see if they are on any of our streaming subscriptions.

    1. If you watch one of them one day, please let me know...

  5. I have not seen any Turkish serial but my sister like one very much :)

    1. Do you know it's name? Thanks for stopping by!