iPhone or Others? Which One Do You Prefer?

As you know Apple has announced that they were going to release new iPhone models soon. I am not using any iPhone model because I am not that rich. Let's look at the prices of new iPhone11s:

iPhone11 is starting from $699,00. It is equal to 3.963,82₺. However we have too much tax on mobile phones. So it will be at least 8.000,00₺. Do you know the minimum wage in Turkey? Only 2.020,00₺. If one person who gains minimum wage per month, needs to work 4 months to buy iPhone11 without using that money on other other things. I don't want to mention about iPhone11 ProMax.

I am using Sony Ericssonn XA1 Plus. It is cheaper than a minimum wage and I am happy with it.

iPhone11s didn't satisfy Apple users. They don't like it's design and features. 

What about you? Are you using any iPhone model? Are you going to buy one of these iPhone11s? How much money are these iPhone11s in your country? Please share your comments with us.

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  1. ...I have a flip phone, so old school.

  2. We have the iPhone XR and it's the worst one we ever had so we probably won't be getting another one any time soon. Apple, we think, has lost their magic.

    1. I'm agree with you. It's end will be same with Nokia, I think.

  3. some I know couldn't wait to purchase the new one, I have an older iphone.

  4. It's nuts to pay that much for a phone! So many people do though and feel the need to have the newest model. Now I do have an iPhone, but it is a 6 and is a no contract plan. I paid $200 for it three years ago... and I will keep it until it dies. The one before this I kept for 5 years.

    1. 5 years for a phone is great! I am changing phones in 2 or 3 years.