Turkey Will Play in Euro 2020!

If you are a fan of football then you may follow the football organizations I think. Last night there was a match between Turkey and Iceland. It was the most critical match of this eleminations for Turkey. 1 point was enough for us to play in Euro 2020. Yes we did it and we took 1 point from this match. We played better than Iceland however we couldn't win. We are going to play last match of the groups with Andorra on Sunday evening.

At the begining of the match while Icelanders sang their national anthems some of Turkish supporters started to catcall. This was a shame for us I think. We are hospitable country normally however Icelanders got waited our national team almost 3 hours in their airport when we went there for football competition. One of the passengers at that airport passed a toilet brush as a microphone to our footballer Emre BELÖZOĞLU. Yes they did this to us however we didn't need to catcall their national anthems. Everyone do what suits theirselves. This catcall didn't suit us. :(

And what about your country? Will you be in Euro 2020? Waiting for your comments...

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