WTF Are These?

Today I am a bit lazy and I am going to share with you some funny memes, funny designs, funny ads which you may already seen in the internet before. We need to smile everyday so let's check them and smile more!

Brady wrote "I got scammed" however Paypal's virtual agent replied "Great!" Paypal had to pay some money Brady for this mistake. :)

Between 6pm - 8am you can commit a crime then! :)

We are doing this type of mistakes as bloggers I think. We need to find suitable photos for our articles. Are you a good driver?

I don't want to talk about this one. :) Don't use the used ones! It is my advice for you!

They wanted to give an information about how a tiger can grow in ten years however they couldn't think wisely I think. :)

Martin Dorey wrote a book named "No. More. Plastic." however they wrapped it in plastic. So tragic! 

Woow! This mirror is so clever! :)

"Hey you can pee! I am not looking at you! Don't worry!" :)

"Yes, I died last year!"

Great idea! A toilet in the dining room. You can eat whatever you want here! Poop, too! :)


What do you want? Some lemons or demons? :)

Look at the title of this post!

My favourite sweatshort :)

How romantic is this!

Who produced this one? :) 

Train is coming! :)

Grapeless grape is my favourite grape! :)

Yes we saw that everything is possible in this world!

I hope you enjoyed my post. Waiting for your comments. Thanks in advance. 

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  1. Those were really good and some of them made us laugh out loud!

  2. Those are funny, I've seen the ones about the toilets before :)

    Love is Zero

    1. Yes they are so funny Tiffany! Thanks for stopping by!

  3. Oh those are good. If I'd been in an accident that resulted in my death, I'm not sure I would be able to fill out that survey. lol Unless they died for a few seconds and CPR brought them back?

  4. I laughed a lot. Especially 'mirror' and 'Grapeless grape'

  5. If it's only against the law between six and eight, I guess it's technically not a crime any other time, is it?

    1. Yes it is. It will be a cream not crime. :)